Define Digital Agency

Here at Medietrad, we are more than any other Digital Agency because we go above and beyond everyone’s expectations. As a company, we are able to provide you with a service of which is creative and unique and can develop technology that is beyond your imagination. We are able to enable you to connect with your companies targeted audiences and Medietrad can provide you with the right communication and marketing strategies you need to interact with your audience with added creativity to really captivate them into wanting to know more. Continue reading “Define Digital Agency”

Make Your Website a Lover Lover… <3

When you have your own website for your business, your main priority should be to get it to the top of the major search engines but once that has been discussed, what are you going to do when it’s at the top but no one likes it? You will be back to square one and will result in your website being unsuccessful.

When creating a website, you should always think about what the customer would like and what sort of things a website needs to have on it. Besides the basic elements that all web designers should undertake, the website should benefit the visitor and make them love your website and make them want your product or service, that won’t happen if they click on your website and immediately click back off again and head over to the next best website. Continue reading “Make Your Website a Lover Lover… <3”

What Consists of a Website You Saaay?

Web Design is where you can go wild with your imagination. Creating you web site is all about using the creative side of your brain and produce a website that is eye catching and customer focused whilst maintaining an easy navigation and relevant content.

Web designers all use the basic visual key elements when designing a website for their client such as:

  • Layout

To start off with a website, you must choose the type of layout you want for you website in order to start getting creative with it. A layout is what allows you to arrange your text, images and ads etc.… When choosing a layout for your website, it must be attractive and easy for visitors to look around. Continue reading “What Consists of a Website You Saaay?”

Why Content Is King

Nowadays, it is important for businesses to have their websites optimized as that is what will ensure they are found by people searching for their type of product or service. Content is crucial when optimizing your website as you don’t just want a visitor to stop by your once and never come back, you want them to keep returning and to approve of your website and recommend you on to others. Apart from what services you provide or what products you sell, your content is what will determine whether or not your visitors will come back to you or not as it is what can attract. Continue reading “Why Content Is King”