Make Your Website a Lover Lover… <3

When you have your own website for your business, your main priority should be to get it to the top of the major search engines but once that has been discussed, what are you going to do when it’s at the top but no one likes it? You will be back to square one and will result in your website being unsuccessful.

When creating a website, you should always think about what the customer would like and what sort of things a website needs to have on it. Besides the basic elements that all web designers should undertake, the website should benefit the visitor and make them love your website and make them want your product or service, that won’t happen if they click on your website and immediately click back off again and head over to the next best website.

To stop this, here are just two main key points you don’t want to forget:

chnology devices

If a visitor clicks onto your website on a desktop and your website looks great, its easy, attractive and quick to look around… but then go onto your website on their tablet or mobile and cant navigate around it, can’t see the full content and images take over the whole page… they probably won’t come back again, and that is something you can’t afford to happen if you want your website to be a success. Technology is at its peak with more and more people using a mobile or tablet rather than a desktop so your website should also move with the times and should be mobile friendly and tablet friendly so that your customers will be satisfied with your website however they choose to view it.


Without navigation on your site, visitors aren’t able to know where they are supposed to go next once they have clicked on the home page. You want your visitor to have a look round your site and especially be able to find the ‘contact’ page or find out where your number/email is. Without a clear navigation, your audience may not know how to get back to a page or how to find a page and that can put people off your website straight away. It is so important to have a menu preferably at the top so that it is easy for your visitors to find and take a look around.

There are so many things you could do to your website but if they aren’t benefiting your visitors, what good are they? Web designers sometimes miss out a lot of key points and then wonder why they are not having as many leads come through. To be successful on the internet, you have to look through the eyes of your audience in order to provide what they want.

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