What Consists of a Website You Saaay?

Web Design is where you can go wild with your imagination. Creating you web site is all about using the creative side of your brain and produce a website that is eye catching and customer focused whilst maintaining an easy navigation and relevant content.

Web designers all use the basic visual key elements when designing a website for their client such as:

  • Layout

To start off with a website, you must choose the type of layout you want for you website in order to start getting creative with it. A layout is what allows you to arrange your text, images and ads etc.… When choosing a layout for your website, it must be attractive and easy for visitors to look around.

  • Content

Like in my recent post, content is king. When designing a website, your content should fit nicely with your layout and look good together. It is essential that your content is relevant to the audience you are aiming at and what your product or service is all about. All content needs to be optimised for search engines and be separated into sections to avoid having block text which can put a potential customer off.

  • Font Colour

Your font colour should always be easy to read and must go with your layout.

  • Font

Your font style is more important than most people think. Your readers cannot possibly read your content if it is a certain font that is unreadable for some. When choosing your font, you must cater for people who may not have as good eyesight and may find it difficult to read. Choosing a standard font can be best but some web designers do like to use fancy font, but if used correctly it can look beautiful.

  • Layout colours

You can really get creative when it comes to the colours on your website but sometimes websites can go overboard on the different amounts of colour and it can be off putting to a visitor and can also make it hard to read for some people. With your colours, it can really show off your company’s personality and if used correctly can make your website look unbelievably eye catching.

  • Images

When using images on your website, poor quality ones can make your website look fake and may put a potential customer off your product or service. Poor quality images can also make you look like your website is no longer open for business and can make it look old and dated. Using high-resolution images you can really be creative and show off your product or service, just by providing a high resolution image on your website.

All of the above are the key factors when designing a website and should all be taken into account to get the best out of the internet world.

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